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How to Visit the Pool in the San Blas Islands?

Due to the distance that separates it from mainland and the landing strip, reaching the famous Pool in the outer Cays of San Blas and what can be considered Paradise within Paradise, is only recommended for 5 or more nights yacht charters.

San Blas with its more than 365 islands remains, without a doubt, the best charter location in the Caribbean, and this is because the independent region still retains the mix of true Caribbean flavor, a vibrant local indigenous community and untouched nature.

Unspoiled San Blas. No hotels, no major development, only natural beauty.

Nowhere in the Caribbean can you hop from island to island as easy as it is in the archipelago of San Blas and catamaran charters benefit from such peculiarity in many ways.

Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean Windward Islands (other countries and regions) such as Sint Maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, the British Virgin Islands, etc is mostly for sailors looking for open seas, high winds, waves and that ocasional adrenaline rush. These conditions in other parts of the Caribbean which might be appropriate for harcore sailors are simply not found in the San Blas islands and while on a San Blas Cruise, you will notice that there is always an island at plane sight and that both wind and waves are more than tolerable, making the San Blas islands the perfect location for both experienced and inexperienced sailors as well as non sailors, groups and families wanting to experience a different and nutritious experience..

In the past we have talked a bit about what islands not to visit in the San Blas. Like it or not, the Guna Yala region does have some over tourism in some parts which, if you follow our recommendations, can be easily and completely avoided, but What is the best island in San Blas? There is definitely not a clear winner, but clearly the Pool and the islands around that lagoon have for years been considered the best spots in the San Blas Islands, the Mecca of all travelers in the region and the culmination of the perfect vacation.

The Pool and BBQ island

The Pool, which lies in Eastern Dutch Cays or Cayos Holandeses and South of Turtle island, is the furthest island from mainland and due to this has the clearest water visibility throughout the year.

With no rivers close by and unperturbed crystal clear waters, the Pool remains best snorkeling area in San Blas

Snorkeling spots in San Blas

Swim at the Pool in San Blas

Our sailing itineraries cover much of the best parts of the Archipelago of Guna Yala and in particular the outer cays and the islands around with emphasis in the most secluded, unspoiled and pristine locations Starting on 5 nights onwards we include the Pool as a location to visit.

Location of the Pool and Morodub, also called Turtle Islands or BBQ island.

Other activities in which to engage while at the Pool and that are included in our all inclusive catamaran trips, are kayaking and paddleboarding to the nearby mangroves, swimming or plane relaxin onboard. Reaching Turtle island for a beer ashore is also a must, be sure not to miss that.

Visit San Blas and charter a catamaran with Catamaran Adventures San Blas


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