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Guna Indigenous Mythology: San Blas Is Not Only Beaches and Palm Trees

Family international travelers often seek a combination of experiences and amenities that cater to the needs and preferences of both adults and children. Common things that family international travelers may seek are child friendly activities, ease of transportation, safety and a good dose of culture.

Our private catamaran charters in San Blas are crafted in a way to include the variables mentioned and much more.

The San Blas Islands, also known as the Guna Yala Islands, are an archipelago located off the Caribbean coast of Panama. The islands are inhabited by the Guna people, an indigenous group known for their rich cultural traditions and mythology.

Guna culture places a strong emphasis on the spiritual connection between humans and the natural world, so many of their mythological figures are tied to nature and the elements.

The Mola, also known as Molas, is an intricately crafted fabric that is an integral component of the traditional attire worn by the indigenous Guna women of Panamá.

Ibeorgun: Ibeorgun is the creator deity in Guna mythology. He is believed to have created the world and all living beings, including the Guna people. Ibeorgun is often depicted as a powerful and benevolent figure in Guna folklore.

Dummad: Dummad is a trickster figure in Guna mythology. He is known for his mischievous and often humorous actions. Dummad's stories are often used to teach moral lessons and entertain the community.

Olokkupile: Olokkupile is a supernatural being in Guna mythology who is associated with the sea. He is often depicted as a giant fish or sea serpent. Olokkupile is believed to have a significant influence on the Guna's relationship with the sea and their fishing practices.

The sea serpent, fish or giant octopus (kraken) appearing in western mythology has obvious similarities with that of the Guna’s.

Dulet: Dulet is a mythical hero in Guna folklore. He is often portrayed as a brave and skilled warrior who undertakes heroic quests and adventures. Stories about Dulet are used to inspire courage and valor among the Guna people.

Nega Dugwi: Nega Dugwi is a mythological figure associated with rain and water. The Guna people believe that Nega Dugwi has the power to bring rain and ensure the fertility of their lands.

Nuchukana: Nuchukana is a legendary figure in Guna culture associated with the moon. Nuchukana is often depicted as a beautiful woman who has a close connection to the lunar cycles and is revered for her role in shaping the natural world.

It's important to note that Guna mythology is primarily an oral tradition, and stories and figures may vary from one community to another.

San Blas is not only deserted islands and cays, if you dig deeper into the region, you will find a fascinating culture that is the perfect for families and kids looking for an enriching experience.

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