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San Blas Trips from Panama City: Sailboat Rentals in San Blas Archipelago Panama

Exquisite anchorages await you in and around Cayos Limon (Lemon Cays), Cayos Holandeses (Dutch Cays), Cayos Chichime and Cayos Coco Bandero.

Our catamarans are also equipped with snorkeling equipment, so no need to bring yours, the Caribbean sea life in this part of San Blas is absolutely amazing, with coral fish everywhere. Stay alert because from passage between islands you might be able to spot small groups of dolphins, specially during the tuna season, when the winds die off, May-November. Due to its shallow, calm and pristine waters, dolphins make it here mostly to feed on the abundant small tuna, also for nursing their babies.

Remember that San Blas is out of the hurricane zone and therefore this beautiful part of the Caribbean is always in season. Come whatever time of the year you want, vacation in San Blas and discover this vast and for the most part uncharted destination.

Choose one of our catamarans and let us take of the rest. The adventure is Paradise is served.

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