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Top Tips for Choosing a Catamaran for your next San Blas Yacht Charter

Amount of guests, preferred layout, equipment and costs are a few of the parameters to consider when choosing your next catamaran to sail the San Blas islands.

San Blas is quite atypic when it comes to variety of catamarans available for charter and the super latest Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot models are nowhere to be seen.

Our catamaran fleet is composed of (not just out) magnificently equipped and extremely well maintained catamarans such as a Lagoon 450, Lagoon 42 and Salina 48, so much so that the common mortal will not find a difference with latest catamaran models.

Lagoon 450 catamaran in San Blas
Lagoon 450

We like to think of San Blas of the perfect equilibrium between boats offered, quality of service and extremely well preserved natural context. Local expert knowledge is also important and key to unfolding the magic of the San Blas islands.

Follow the indications to choose the best catamaran in San Blas and the one that is in accordance with your preferences:


Our crewed catamaran charters and services are all inclusive on board which means that you will not have to spend any more on food and drinks. We also include all the necessary water toys for you to use freely, this way your budget is contained and fixed from the beginning.

Fresh seafood served on board in Catamaran Adventures catamarans, San Blas
How about some crab and lobster for dinner?

Opting for a small catamaran in San Blas is used by many guests to reduce costs but be aware that with smaller catamarans comes more movement and less stability. Catamarans are very stable at sea and at anchor but if any of you in your group or family are prone to sea sickness, we encourage you to choose bigger catamarans such as our Lagoon 450, Salina 48 and Lagoon 57 which have more width and therefore are more stable.

Ditching the A/C can bring costs down significantly but who doesn’t prefer sleeping well throughout the night? Choose a catamaran with A/C for the central summer months April- November and year round if any in your group is sensitive to heat.

Some examples on catamaran prices:

Lipari 41 starts at $1100/day for 2 guests. Extra guests add $180/day Lagoon 42 starts at $1300/day for 2 guests. Extra guests add $250/day Lagoon 450 with A/C starts at $1950/day for 2 guests. Extra guests add $250/day


With the exception of one of our Lagoon 42 that has only 3 cabins, all catamaran constructions present a standard 4 cabin layout with one double cabin in each bow and one double cabin in the sterns.

If you are only 2 guests you might want to look at our Lagoon 42 with the huge master cabin layout which will give you an entire hull for you to privately enjoy. This catamaran has non A/C.

Lagoon 42 layout, San Blas
Lagoon 42 San Blas Layout

For more guests or those groups looking for that extra comfort and A/C capability we have these two standard layouts of our Lagoon 450 and Salina 48.

Lagoon 450 layout, San Blas
Lagoon 450 San Blas with 4 double cabins

Salin 48 layout, San Blas
Salina 48 Layout, 4 double cabins and 2 single bunks

The Lagoon 57 which we carry 2 units, both have the same layout

Lagoon 57 layout, San Blas
Lagoon 57 Layout San Blas


How much is enough? Our catamarans for the most part come super loaded with as much water toys as they can possible carry while keeping safety standards.

Our Salina catamarans: Mambo Diablo and Zenith even carry sea scooters free to use while on your visit to the many anchorages in the San Blas. Paddle boards, kayaks, snorkelling equipment are part of the equipment which also includes water makers and air conditioning.

Having a large fridge and ice to come along is indeed a nice option, so be on the lookout for catamarans that also carry this equipment.

For big families, groups and those that want to keep active, choose a catamaran that accommodates the largest number of water toys so that you have the means of going ashore or exploring the adjacent reefs at your own will.

Head over to our catamaran fleet to check out what best suits your needs or even simpler, contact us and we will email you all details in no time.


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