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Paradise wont be sold to foreigners: San Blas land prohibitions

Restrictions on land sales to foreigners make it impossible for non kuna indians to buy or lease any of the land within the autonomous region of Kuna Yala and San Blas Islands.

All the islands in Kuna Yala are owned by kuna indians, some islands are owned by various families. Property borders are often marked with signs on the numerous coconut trees that grow freely.

We have seen small islands owned by a couple of families, these families often rotate their members every 3 or four months.

Their main income is derived from harvesting coconuts and beach use tax for visitors.

Access to the beaches in San Blas are often taxed with a couple of USD per person, this type of charges are common and help the kuna indians maintain their paradise as it is.

Unlike Las Perlas and its massive resorts, you will not find any resorts in San Blas, prohibition of land sale has restricted foreign investment and development in San Blas, thus keeping this part of the Caribbean pristine and intact.

There are very few hotels in San Blas and all of them are owned by kuna indians, they are often located in the crowded islands close to shore, not in the outer cays such as Coco Bandero and Dutch Caus where we normally sail.

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