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Las Perlas or San Blas Sailing Vacations: Accommodation in Panama

Please read: "Bocas del Toro, las Perlas or the San Blas Islands. Which is the Best Sailing Destination in Panama?"


When considering Panama as your next holiday destination, you will find mainly two options for booking your stay, San Blas islands on the Caribbean side of Panama and Contadora island and Las Perlas Archipelago on the Pacific side.

These two options are part of the main areas for your vacations in Panama, all are tropical so be prepared for warm temperatures and occasional rain.

The city of Panama has had a tremendous growth in population in the past years and traffic at times can be chaotic. Plan your itinerary wisely if visiting any of the attractions such as the Canal or Casco Viejo.

Contadora Island, Las perlas
Contadora Islas, Las Perlas resort

Contadora Island tours run directly from the main port of Panama City and many of the excursions can be booked directly next to the port offices, remember, this is the Pacific side of Panama. Excursions to Las Perlas is a common day getaway in Panama for locals, so avoid weekends and rule out also main festivities because the few islands accessible will be packed.

Sailing vacations in Las Perlas or any other vacation on the Pacific side are limited due to the persistent adverse weather during the wet season expanding from May to November. The Pacific side has seen huge private development in the past years, and now, as an alternative to any boat charter in Las Perlas, you can find all included resorts which makes it easy to book a stay in Contadora.

On the Caribbean side, three hours away by 4x4 jeep from Panama, you will find San Blas islands with no big tourist development there since the Guna Yala law prohibits any resorts in the regions. Hotels in San Blas are not allowed and the only accommodation is on the all inclusive sailing vacations, either on catamaran or sailboat, alternatively you may choose to stay on any of the local Guna hostels or cabanas, but be prepared because local standards are far off from western ones.

San Blas sailing vacations
San Blas sailing vacations

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