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Dutch Cays, San Blas: Paradise Within Paradise

When you first arrive in San Blas and the taxi boat leaves the harbor you will look at the horizon and begin to see dots in the distance, all of which with time will be transformed into beautiful coconut filled island and white sand beaches surrounded by spectacular coral reefs.

One of the first islands you will see will be the populated group of islands of Carti, most likely our catamaran will be anchored there waiting for you.

"Ulus" traditional guna canoes made out of carved wood around Carti group of islands

After the first shock of paradise we will most likely, depending on the wind conditions, sail to Lemon Cays or Cayo Limón and if you think of this cays amazing, wait until we get to Dutch Cays or Holandeses Cays. Now that is Paradise! Your boat charter holidays will never be the same after this.

Lemon Cays, Banedup island

Dutch Cays, Cayos Holandeses

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