5 Advantages Of Choosing A Flotilla Sailing Holiday In The Caribbean

Flotilla sailing in the San Blas islands is the perfect luxury holiday in Panama for large groups or different families coming together in one epic all inclusive Caribbean adventure.

There are various types of sailing charters in the Caribbean, usually the type of sailing vacation depends on the number of guests and interests. Booking a family sailing vacation in the San Blas islands or simply getting together with a couple of friends and embarking on an adventure in the tropics is usually the most requested sailing charter.

Price: all inclusive catamarans in San Blas have a basic rate which is fixed, on top of that there is a variable in $ depending on the number of guests onboard. Rates for catamarans range between $600-$1500/day; adding guests are normally $100-$150/day/person, such price structure means that the more guests on board, the lower total cost/person. To some guests having a catamaran full of their friends can be the perfect experience, for others guests, having empty spaces and total silence are definitely a value and the reason they come to San Blas.

Whatever your interests are, we will adapt your sailing charter in San Blas to your needs, not only activities or places and islands to visit, but also details such as any food or allergy requirements. Notify us of any special request with your reservation.

The typical catamaran booze cruise recurrent of other tourist packed Caribbean islands and locations has no place in the San Blas islands. Yes, there are some bars, but really, do not come to San Blas if you think this is Ibiza or Croatia, it is not, you will be terribly disappointed.

Demand of tailored sailing charters and crewed catamaran vacations in San Blas is more frequent than the past, although some of our custom charters include sailing for singles, honey moon sailing packages, corporate sailing and sailing expeditions. flotilla sailing holidays have become more a more popular over the past years.

2 catamaran flotilla in San Blas, Panama

What is a flotilla sailing holiday?

Flotilla sailing has for long been the preferred choice for many sailing enthusiasts and adventurers alike. The concept is very simple: a flotilla is a group of sailing boats, in our case only catamarans, that are under the instruction of a lead vessel and a common goal. What once was destined for experienced sailors, became the perfect solution for large groups who don’t want to organise all the ins and outs of their sailing trip in the San Blas islands for themselves, it makes holidays much more enjoyable in specific cases.

5 Advantages of flotilla sailing holidays

  1. - No need for tedious route planning.

  2. - All boats, crew and guests share a common aim such as sailing to Coco Bandero, Dutch Cays or specific islands.

  3. - Large groups can be accommodated. Catamaran Adventures San Blas can provide all the catamarans, crew and provisioning needed.

  4. - Privacy in each boat can be achieved easily. There’s a (non-obligatory) social element.

  5. - Costs per person are lower since catamarans reach full occupancy.

Contact us for your flotilla sailing holidays. Sailing San Blas and specially crewed catamaran trips are a wonderful way to spend your vacations.