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Book a Catamaran Charter on Airbnb

Yacht travel with all the benefits of the world's leading agency. Booking a private catamaran charter in the San Blas islands has never been easier.

We are back on Airbnb. Now you can find us on San Blas Cruise, All Inclusive Yacht Charters on

Reason for being back on this intermediary platform is we needed a way for certain segment of travelers such as those not familiar with booking vacations abroad, registered users of the international platform that wish to centralize their reservations through the same platform or simply those extra cautious guests, to make their first booking.

Needless to say that unlike other agencies in the area, we are a registered Panamanian company with the necessary legal permits to operate both in Panama and in San Blas and have been in business sin 2012.

We strongly believe that our reputation is by far, our most important asset. We will continue to evolve focusing on preserving the natural ecosystem in San Blas, providing resources and collaborating with the local indigenous communities and at the same time giving the opportunity to guests to witness an out of this world Private Catamaran Charter in San Blas.

Booking a yacht charter with Airbnb is more costly than doing it directly with us since the platform works with a variable commision of 10 -25% depending on the parameters of the reservation.

We not only have all the security aspects covered by Airbnb regarding payments and service but also incorporate others not covered by that platform such as refund in case of bad weather or any natural disaster no matter how small and that affects your travel, Covid related cancellations etc.

Booking a catamaran cruise in the San Blas Islands with Airbnb is totally fine with us. We are happy to welcome you in our little Paradise.


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