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Flying to San Blas Just Got Cheaper

Great news for those seeking to enter the region of San Blas by air. Prices for private flight for 2 guest or 2 guests and a kid is now down to $450/way.


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Flying to San Blas is definitely the best way to enter the Comarca, not only because you will be landing far away from the most touristic instagram-famous islands thus avoiding any crowd at all, but also because your transfers will be reduced from almost 4 hours to merely 40 minutes and your water taxi will not be an hour long but a one minute ride.

Road transfers do work and in fact we do have guests coming in on a daily basis using this type of transfer but there are certain reason why we have encouraged our charter clients to using and benefiting from air transfers to the San Blas Islands.

Should I Fly to San Blas or choose a Road Transfer?

Does Air Panama fly to the San Blas Islands?

New prices starting in May for flying to San Blas on a private plane departing from Albrook local terminal located in Panama City:

Private plane - CESSNA 172:

- Capacity 3 passengers

- Approximate weight allowed between passengers and luggage 450 pounds

- Price per flight $650

Private plane - CESSNA 206:

- Capacity 5 passengers

- Approximate weight allowed between passengers and luggage 750 pounds

- Price per flight $690.00

8,5% tax not included in the flight prices Mandatory $20/person entry tax paid to the indigenous

For large groups we can have as many planes in the air as needed and we would need to split the group.

Book now for the experience of a lifetime.

Catamaran Adventures San Blas

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