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Does Air Panama fly to the San Blas Islands?

Unfortunately not. All flights to San Blas are private. The landing strip located in Corazon de Jesus does not have capacity for large commercial planes.



Charter a catamaran in San Blas with Catamaran Adventures and we will assist you in booking a private flight to the heart of San Blas. From the air strip it's only a 2 minute water taxi ride to the catamaran.

Booking your flight to San Blas has the following benefits:

  1. Choose to come by road and the transfer will pick yo up from your hotel around 5:00 am, if you come by air, you will have to be at Albrook local terminal in Panama city at round 8: 00 AM, depending on what time you choose to fly in the morning. We can be a bit flexible on your landing time, just ask us!

  2. For road transfers, the ride ends at the port of San Blas and close to the most touristic/accesible areas, from there it is at least a 40 minute water taxi ride to the catamaran,. That water ride can sometimes be a bit longer if the sea conditions are not helping. If you fly in, you will land in the most idyllic part of San Blas, next to Cayo Coco Bandero and the other totally uncrowded places; 2 min water taxi needed since the catamaran will be landed next to the strip.

  3. Fly in and avoid all the road chaos, which we think these years, and due to the high demand and all the Covid paperwork needed to enter the comarca through land, is going to test our guests patience. No queues at both airports.

  4. Needles to say that a 40 min fly through the jungle and over the Cays is more interesting than a 4 hours (road +water taxi) ride to the catamaran

In this post-pandemic times, unlike the rest of the years behind, we are encouraging our guests to book their private flights rather than going for the road transfer, and that is for the reasons commented above which may also include delays at the road border which we are not responsible for and other annoyances which are not under our control since it is the Kuna indigenous who are the only ones allowed to manage, the road transfers and water taxi services

We are totally ok if you decide to come in by road, and will help you through all the procedure of booking your desired transfer, but would like you to please consider flying as your preferred transfer method.

There are just not many planes flying into San Blas, and demand is highest in years, so going ahead now with booking the plane is definitely a good move. Booking can be easily done directly with the airline with simply a call/whatsapp/mail and a 20% deposit using credit card/Paypal.


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