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Is Fishing Allowed in the San Blas Islands, Panama?

Fishing is permitted in San Blas only for the indigenous. Employing Guna indigenous in our catamarans opens the possibility of fishing to our guests using the equipment provided onboard.

Preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity are part of our goals in the region. Sustaining the abundance of marine life in the waters around the 20 miles that comprise our sailing grounds has always been an issue due to ilegal fishing outside the reefs.

Turtle in San Blas
Turtle comes to greet us

Snorkelling in San Blas, unlike other Caribbean charter destinations, still offers the possibility to watch an immense variety of fish along with various marine mammals which makes traveling in this part of the world a truly unique experience and the Caribbean Meca for any snorkelling enthusiast.

Manta rays, dolphins, sharks, turtles and other magnificent inhabitants of these waters, often show visit our anchorages to greet our guests and why not? maybe grab a piece of leftover fish thrown overboard.

Where does fish and crustaceans we offer come from? ultimately the Guna fisherman and local residents provide us with most of the freshest snapper, bonito, grouper, lobster, crab and octopus.

Spiny lobster in San Blas
Spiny Lobster in San Blas.

Choose our catamarans like the Salina 48 Mambo Diablo and our deckhand Jose with superb fishing instinct for the best catamaran charter experience in the San Blas Islands.

Catch of the day on Mambo Diablo catamaran in San Blas
Catch by Jose on Mambo Diablo Salina 48 Catamaran

Other catamarans also have indigenous onboard, so please consult with us this option before booking.

Having a local onboard opens many doors of the deep San Blas.

Fresh lobster served on board private catamaran charter in San Blas
Lobster in served in San Blas

San Blas Islands Sailing Charters


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