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Road Transfers to San Blas Temporarily Halted: October 2023

Protests and confrontations over a new government-approved contract for a major copper mine are causing major roadblocks including the road to San Blas via Carti.

Last week, Panama approved the extended concession covering the Cobre Panama mine operated by Canada's First Quantum The sprawling open-pit mine accounts for nearly 5% of Panama's economic activity.

Some locals and civic organizations, environmentalists, teachers, construction workers and indigenous people including the Gunas have opposed and taken some of the streets in Panama City and major roads.

A stretch of the Pan-American highway, which runs the length of the country and is key to trade across Central America, has been intermittently blocked since Monday October 23rd 2023. This major artery in Panama is also used by all road transfers from Panama City To San Blas.

We have rerouted all existing road transfers to Corazon de Jesus runway for a flight out of the region of San Blas.

Yes, road transfers are relatively cheap ($70/person/way) compared to private flight transfers but external factors that disrupt the existing road infrastructure such as this can happen from time to time in Panama.

Flying to San Blas instead of taking the road transfer Is a very interesting option. You will bypass all border chaos, skip the occasional road disturbances and land in the most incredible part of San Blas, a stone throw away from Cayo Coco Bandero and Cambombia area, far away from the road border and the islands filled with day tourists from Panama.


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