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San Blas Is a Friendly Place

Discover the Friendly Culture of San Blas: It’s the Real Deal

San Blas is more than just a stunning destination; it's the home of the Guna indigenous people, whose identity and way of life are intrinsically linked to the land and sea. It is an ancestral culture that has endured over time, maintaining its authenticity. In San Blas, unlike other places in the Caribbean that have lost their essence, friendliness is not a posture to get something from visitors; it is genuine. The Guna are the real deal.

Nestled in the Caribbean, this beautiful archipelago is renowned not only for its breathtaking scenery but also for the welcoming nature of the Guna. From the moment you arrive, you'll experience a strong community spirit that is essential to maintain their autonomy and territorial rights, making San Blas a truly unique and inviting destination. Whether you're exploring the islands, participating in local traditions, or simply enjoying the hospitality, San Blas offers a friendly atmosphere that makes every visitor feel safe and comfortable.

Guna woman selling molas.

About the Guna

The Guna, also known as the Kuna, are an indigenous group that primarily resides in the Guna Yala region along the Caribbean coast of Panama and Colombia. They are known for their successful defense of their lands and self-governance over the centuries.

Furthermore, the Guna community has a unique way of organizing themselves politically through matrilineal clans. Each clan is overseen by a chief, known as saila, who is selected based on their lineage and wisdom. The saila's role is essential in making decisions and fostering social harmony within the society.

Commitment to Cultural Preservation

Unlike other sailors who visit the region for only a few days, we have been in San Blas for many years and deeply understand the indigenous kindness and their hospitality toward visitors. We have established strong, long-term ties with the Guna community and actively contribute to their well-being and the preservation of their home. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with them; for instance, we always have a Guna member as part of the crew, such as Jose, our deckhand on our Salina 48 catamaran. This close bond allows us the privilege of having a local show our guests around and even introducing them to his family when we sail to Maoqui Island in the Dutch Cays.

Jose, the Guna deckhand at Salina 48 Mambo Diablo in San Blas.
Meet Jose, our lifelong friend and your local guide.

Preserving the cultural heritage and traditions of the Guna, as well as respecting their territorial rights and autonomy, is crucial for conserving San Blas and maintaining its pristine nature and the authentic way of life of its people. This commitment is central to San Blas, which is renowned as the safest region in Panama, largely due to the careful administration by the Guna Indigenous communities. Traveling safely without security concerns is the norm here.

A small paradise island in San Blas, a friendly place to visit with your loved ones.
Grateful to the Guna Indigenous for preserving their ancestral culture, allowing us to enjoy this paradise.

San Blas is the perfect spot for families to relax and enjoy, where the only concerns are which paradise island to explore next or spotting amazing sea creatures while snorkeling, among many other fascinating activities.

4 girls swimming in the crystal clear waters of San Blas, the perfect place for family vacations..

The Ultimate Cultural Immersion

Caribbean people are known for their warm and inviting attitude, making visitors feel immediately at home with their genuine hospitality, especially in San Blas. The archipelago is without a doubt a welcoming place where its friendly people open their doors to share with the world. There aren't many places like this.

For a profound cultural immersion and to truly savor the beauty of Guna Yala, the ultimate way to explore the islands and their culture is with an experienced catamaran charter, forged through strong bonds with the Guna community to access deep San Blas.

Lisa, the renowned mola maker, visiting private catamaran charter to showcase her molas to guests.
Lisa, the renowned mola maker, visiting our catamaran charter to showcase her incredible molas (traditional textile craft).

The decisions you make before booking your trip are what determine the outcome you will have. Like anywhere in the world, there are places to avoid and things not to do to respect the Guna ancestral ways. That's why it's important to hire a trusted and experienced charter agency to guide you every step of the way to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Experience the warmth of San Blas as you are embraced by its exceptional hospitality, encouraging you to fully immerse yourself in its inviting culture and breathtaking islands. Step aboard a custom catamaran charter, crafted just for you and your loved ones, for a journey that goes beyond mere travel - it's a transformative exploration. Be prepared for a life-changing adventure that will leave you with treasured moments and a profound admiration for this unique paradise.

Aerial shot of private catamaran charter in crystal clear waters of San Blas, the best way to discover this friendly place and its rich culture.
Join us for an unparalleled cultural experience and a mind-bending sailing adventure.

Contact us for more information. We love to help :)


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