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What Not to Do in the San Blas Islands

Coming to San Blas for non-stop partying, hard drinking and assuming that the San Blas islands are like the BVI’s, USVI’s or any of the other typical sailing locations in the Caribbean is a misunderstanding of what the San Blas Islands have to offer.

Exposing the truth not told about the San Blas islands not only benefits our future guests and us, it also does a great favor to the Kuna indigenous and their communities by bringing in the right type of conscious traveler that the region aims for.

In older posts we discussed for example what islands not to visit in the San Blas, now we dive deeper into what the islands have to offer and what not to expect from your Panama sailing holiday.

We receive enquiries from all over the world on a daily basis, while some of these requests mention their intention to for example, meet the local indigenous, visit the cays and make sure they get to snorkel in the right places, others mention directly of how much alcohol is included and how to provision more if they run out.

Do your research on what is there to do in the San Blas region before attempting to come, it will save you a lot of trouble. These islands are not for example what the big cruise line client aims for, there are great differences in the personalisation, comfort of the trip and most importantly the quality of the experience and the memories you will take back.

The Kuna Yala Region is definitely not a tourist trap. Believe us on that one. A tourist trap by definition is a place where locals would not attempt to go. Kuna indigenous have lived in the islands for centuries, they love their land and they constantly care for it.

Needless to say we are not a booze cruise nor does the Kuna Yala region or their humble habitants in their local communities and their pristine environment, which we will kindly open to our guests, need the noise and all that is derived from heavy partying in the wrong place. Having some wine, enjoying a couple of beers and having clean fun is not only permitted but absolutely recommended and included in the price of our catamaran sailing charters. Over drinking, not showing respect to the local indigenous and their ways and not having physical coordination is not tolerated on board

Apart from heavy drinking and partying, this is the list of the top 10 things not to do in the San Blas islands:

  1. No clubbing...

  2. Bring stress in and not letting it dissipate

  3. Concern too much about exact timings and schedules

  4. Being paranoid. Is San Blas safe

  5. Rush from island to island: "less is more"

  6. Get sunburn, walking fast on deck and other acts that might harm you physically

  7. Disrespect the locals, any in your group and crew

  8. Expect major comfort precisely at all times

  9. Waste you time staring at your phone

  10. Dress inappropriately "less is more... :)"

Get ready!

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