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Top 10 Things to Do in the San Blas Islands

BBQ island and the adjacent crystal clear waters of the Pool, snorkel the vibrant outer reefs in Coco Bandero, dinner at any of the islands in Dutch Cays and a bonfire in the amazing island of Cambombia are some of the best plans.

San Blas Private Catamarans
San Blas: empty anchorages in the best Caribbean charter destination.

An all inclusive yacht charter in the independent region of the San Blas islands located in the Caribbean coast of Panama, opens the possibility of exploring this vast archipelago of more than 365 islands to any visitor coming in by air or road.

Regardless of the group composition: families, friends or couples, there’s always a plan onboard, whether it is simply relaxing and sipping on your sundown pina colada while watching the scenery from the catamaran or engaging in the multiple activities available and proposed by the captain.

The Pool: featured our Salina 48 catamaran

Our itineraries cover stays of 2-10 nights but in order to experience and what is more important, integrate the grandioseness of this, the last Caribbean Paradise, 5 nights is the minimum stay recommended.

Top 10 things to do in the San Blas Islands:

  1. Visit the legendary BBQ island

  2. Swim in the Pool and spend 1/2 day discovering the islands close by

  3. Dinner at any of the islands of Dutch cays

  4. Snorkel the outside reef ot Coco Bandero Cays

  5. Bonfire in Cambombia

  6. Take home some of the best Molas (local handicraft)

  7. Jungle trail with Lisa, the mater Mola maker

  8. Visit the tight local communities close by shore

  9. Meet Jose´s family and spend some time with his family down in Maoqui island (Dutch Cays)

  10. Night fishing from the catamaran

Paddle boarding in San Blas, Panama
....11th is paddleboarding

Be warned, San Blas has two different parts: the islands close to shore and the ports which receive mostly day trips from local Panamanian visitors and the outer islands and cays along with the area close by the Corazon de Jesus airport which are not possible to reach by day travelers due to the distance and that offer the most isolated, unique and preserved scenery found in the Caribbean.

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San Blas Islands Sailing Charters for the Discerning Traveler


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