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What are the Requirements and Documentation Needed to Enter San Blas and Panama?

The following documentation requirements and laws must be followed in order for you to enjoy your vacation in San Blas and Panama:

In order to pass through customs and immigration in Tocumen International Airport in Panama you must comply with:

Requirements for entering Panama

  • Passport that is still valid and has at least six months left on it, 3 months for US and EU citizens

  • Return flight from the country of origin or to the next place you want to go

  • At least five hundred dollars (USD $500) in cash, a credit card, a bank reference, a letter from your employer, or traveler's checks are acceptable forms of proof of financial stability. Some nationalities are required to provide a greater sum. We advise you to confirm this information with your airline or the Panamanian consulate in your nation.

  • Address of hotel and motivation for journey.

  • Before traveling to Panama, several nations are required to produce a tourist visa, not the US nor EU If this is the situation, we advise proceeding immediately to the Panamanian embassy in your nation. Visit the National Migration Service of Panama page or contact your airline with any more questions.

  • All travelers from Brazil are required to have the yellow fever vaccine, and they must provide the international vaccination certificate given by ANVISA at least 10 days before to arrival. Children under one year old and people over 60 are the exceptions.

Requirements for entering San Blas

  • valid passport

  • personal tax fees of $20 non resident or $5 Panamanian resident

Make sure you meet these requirements.

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