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What is the Best Time to Visit the San Blas Islands?

Prefered months are December to late April, but don't understimate the rest of the months, they are definitely amazing.

The Archipelago of San Blas and the more than 365 islands that compose it is known to be the best and very last untouched Caribbean sailing destination.

We mentioned in other posts how Panama has no recorded hurricanes and no major storms like for example the windward islands, including the BVIs, USVIs, Bahamas, St Maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, etc. This point might seem irrelevant, but it is not. Hurricanes are something very serious that can wipe out entire fleets like it did some years ago in the BVIs As said, luckily, San Blas and the whole Panama is not in the way of such destruction.

BVI charter fleet before and after hurricane

Adverse climatological episodes in San Blas, although not common, can happen. Tropical storms or the famous local "chocosana" or "culopollo" are local storms that can occur from May to October, originate in Colombia and run through the whole San Blas to later continue up to Costa Rica.

This phenomenon brings rain, thunder and wind to the San Blas region and can last up to 45 minutes. This adversity is taken into consideration not only for deciding which anchorages are the right ones but also for inbound and outbound flights as well as road and water taxi transfers.

Best time to visit San Blas depends on your interests. High season December - April brings more sailboats and tourists to the region, not that it gets very busy though, whereas May to November tends to be much quieter and laid back.

High season - Low season charter conditions are somewhat similar

Rain is basically a rare episode during the high season. Adverse climatological circumstances in the busiest months are something very limited to higher winds than usual that can be forecasted and taking into consideration when designing the corresponding catamaran charter itinerary. During the central months of the year, we might see sporadic rain showers that tend to last up to an hour.

Tropical weather in Panama translates to humidity and heat which is a match to take into consideration.

When booking your catamaran during summer or if someone in your group is sensitive to the heat, no matter the season. It is highly advisable to choose one with air conditioning like the Salina 48. You might not need the A/C during the day, but at night and while sleeping it’s a different story and a good night sleep puts you in the right mood.

Cabins on the Salina 48 equipped with A/C

Turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and inviting locals are the norm in San Blas throughout the year. Abundant marine life is also persistent throughout the year and a delight to observe while on your catamaran cruise.

Nothing like the crystal clear waters of San Blas for snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking

San Blas is an inviting travel destination that with plane transfers is an easy reach from Panama CIty and offers a complete change of scenery if approached the right way. An enriching and life changing experience that can bring new perspective and understanding.


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