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Itineraries for Sailing the San Blas Islands on a Catamaran Charter Trip: few Tips and Advice.

For short sailing trips 3-4 nights in he islands, choose an itinerary that covers Coco Bandero Cays both East and West which a stone throw away from the local airport and the most secluded part of the Kuna Yala region, for longer trips, add other groups of islands such as the glorious Dutch Cays and Cambombia area.

Sailing San Blas and its "unknown waters" has always been a challenge to all sailors visiting this amazing part of the Caribbean coast of Panama. Nowadays the effort for determining the most favorable itinerary is greatly reduced with all the info neatly served through the many websites available.

With all the information available and if you have the time it takes to put all the facts and knowledge together, you may believe that tailoring your own San Blas experience is easy, please do so, but take this variables into consideration when fixing your itinerary for sailing the San Blas islands.

  • nights onboard: the more nights the better, short trips of 2-3 nights do not make much sense taking into consideration all the transfer times, preparations and the time to adapt to such and exotic destination

  • fly in if you can, you will land in the most idyllic and isolated part of Kuna Yala, 4o min flight through the jungle and the cays of San Blas

  • road transfers take up to 4 hours, no matter what any captain/agency/local guide says

  • road transfer times are as early as 5 AM, so have a good night sleep if you booked land transport

  • "ahorita" literally means "little now" so be patient with the locals and respectful of their ways

  • visit one island a day, "less is more" approach your trip this way and immerse into the Indigenous culture at the right pace

  • ask the agency/captain to do a one way trip around the Cays so as to avoid repeating islands

  • there is not much to buy in San Blas except local handcrafted goods. No need to bring a lot of cash, around $20/person/day us plenty and enough to buy you some beers outside the catamaran or to pay the few $ needed to enter some of the islands. No ATMS or banks in San Blas.

These and other variables are important when deciding your next San Blas adventure and catamaran charter.Make sure you go through all the info on our website prior to booking you next Caribbean sailing holiday, and remember We can always adapt to any trip duration.

Please let us know how many nights you would like to stay in the San Blas islands and we will be glad to accommodate your needs.


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