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What Language is Spoken in the San Blas Islands, Panama?

The Kuna dialect is widely used amongst the indigenous population of this autonomous region of Panama, the second most used language is Spanish.

Interacting with the locals while on your sailing vacation can turn your vacations in the San Blas islands to an even more rewarding experience. Catamaran trips in this isolated part of the Caribbean also come along with cultural exchanges that will provide you with an opportunity to explore the fascinating Kuna Yala culture, their traditions, customs and beliefs.

View the world with a different lens and enjoy the benefits derived from an alternative perspective!

Our crews speak both Spanish and English and if needed will act as translators with the indigenous, so no need to worry if you cannot speak Spanish or their dialect.... :)

Here are some words in the Kuna dialect for you to consider practicing before embarking on any of our all inclusive catamaran charters in the Caribbean side of Panama:

Basic words

Olasu - Nose ring worn by Guna women.

Guna Yala - The San Blas Islands.

Guna - An indigenous native of Guna Yala.

Sahila - Village leader.

Tulemola - Clothing.

Oros - Rice.

Madu - Bread.

Ua or Tilapia - Fish.

Dulup or Skungit - Lobster.

Koibir or Ogob - Coconut.

Cabi - Coffee.

Cayuca - Canoe carved from a tree trunk.

Erragon - A Kuna god.

Nuchus - A holy, wooden doll.

Poni - An evil spirit.

Kuna - Kuna land.

Ico-inna - Feast related to coming of age, puberty.

Tilapia - A fish.

Congresos - A town meeting.


Hello – Na

How are you? – Bede nued guddi?

Fine – Nuedi

Dine, thank you. And you? – An nuedi. Bedina?

What is your name? – Igi be nuga?

My name is.. – An nuga

Nice to meet you – An yeel itoe

Where are you from? – Be bia lidi?

I am from – An .. ginedi.

Yes – Elle

No – Suli

Thanks – Dot Nuet

Please – Uis anga saet

Ok – Nued gudii o

Good – Nabir, nuedi

Welcome – Nuegambi use be noniki

I’m happy – An yee ito dii

I’m warm – An uerba itoe

I’m hungry – An uku itoe

I’m thirsty – An gobie

I’m cold – An dambe itoe

I’m sleepy – An nue gapie

Good bye – Degi malo

Good luck – Nuedgine, nuegan bi

See you tomorrow – An banedese be dakoe

I had a good time – An yer ittosa

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