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What to do in Panama City for Half Day?

A stroll in Casco Viejo and a visit to the Canal are recommended options for an approximately 5 hour visit in Panama City.

We recommend spending one night in Panama City before your plane out of the country, this way you minimize the risk of missing your international connection which can be a total mess for some.

Flights out of San Blas can have extended delays do to poor weather in the mountains between Panana and the Guna Yala region

...but we understand our guests can be on a tight schedule.

As the plane takes off early morning from Corazon de Jesus landing strip in San Blas heading to Panama City Albrook local airport you start to wonder what would be the best way to kill those hours before your afternoon flight from Tocumen International to your final destination.

Flights to San Blas
Flight taking off from Corazon de Jesus, San Blas landing strip

Panama city is the epitome of a concrete jungle and the complete opposite of what you just lived in the Guna Yala region aboard your private catamaran, but like always, if you are informed, you can most definitely make the best out of your short stay in the City.

San Blas private catamaran charters
Missing San Blas already?

Panama City is not ideal for walkers, take that into consideration. Most neighbourhoods are a confusing warren of streets and traffic at times can be a bit of a mess. Forget about walking, it is always advisable to get around with an Uber or taxi.

You can request from us a private service to take you around your desired locations in Panam City and take care of your luggage while you do so. Please notify that with your catamaran charter reservation. This same service can drop you off at the international airport for your outbound flight.

5 hours in Panama City: Landing in Albrook local at roughly 8 AM

As you step our of the plane, either notify the airline you need a private service to take you to the attractions or let the them know you need a taxi. Uber you can book yourself with the phone app.

It takes 8 minute to drive to The Miraflores Canal Visitor Center. Tickets to visitor center including the viewing floors and access to the museum costs $20 USD, and a ticket to the IMAX Theater costs $15. This center is worth a visit. Ships pass into the canal through the 1914 locks between 8-10 AM, so don´t be late! Normally this attraction takes around 1.5 hours which puts you already at 10:30 AM approximately.

Albrook local to Miraflores gates
Large container transiting the Canal
Panama Canal things to do
Panama Canal aerial view
Miraflores Center
Miraflores Visitor Center

Only a 15 minute drive from Miaflores puts you at 11: AM approximately at the colonial jewel and history packed location of Casco Viejo.

This historic old town is an UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site.

Although small in size there are many historical buikdings with beautiful architecture and great food where you could have lunch pior to your 35 minute drive to Tocumen international airport.

Casco Viejo Colorful streets
Casco Viejo Colorful streets
Independence square in Casco Viejo
Independence square in Casco Viejo

Alternative to the locations proposed of Miraflores and Casco Viejo, there are other attractions in Panama such as the huge shopping malls that can also be considered. Multiplaza Mall is one of them. Up to you!

Avoid having to wait for long at the international airport and follow our recommendations above. Note that international flights require you to be at Tocumen at 2 hours before departure.

San Blas Private Catamaran Charters for the Discerning Traveler.


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