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All Inclusive Catamaran Caribbean Charters

Relax and go on board any of the catamarans we propose to you, our catamaran cruise in San Blas is the way to go in this remote area because our services are all inclusive on board. Services include 3 meals a day and natural beverages/water.

Local Guna fisherman contribute to our diet with lobster and fresh fish.

Our prices are fully adapted to the market and are justified based on the following criteria:

- Buying a boat, specially any of these catamarans cost as much or more than a big house and is much more expensive to maintain. Our catamarans are modern and comfortable boats with a range of amenities on board, so the price can never be comparable to a guest house. However, the experience will never be the same either, a sailing trip is simply unique.

- When you travel with us, our catamarans are offered with a full crew. Captain, cook and assistant depending on the number of people on board, thats' a total of 3 crew, are at your disposal 24 hours and are responsible for ensuring the safety and maintenance of the ship as well as to ensure good organization on board.

- Our prices are all inclusive, which means you do not have to worry about any extra expenses once onboard. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as regular drinks and beverages (moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages). Meals always represent an important part of the budget for a vacation, plus you have to prepare them by yourself, but we cook for you and we also love cooking. Remember that an all inclusive service is always the best option for traveling and sailing, and after all, the most convenient and economical too.

Putting this in perspective, you will understand that our prices for our all inclusive vacations on catamaran are fair and reasonable. A ship itself costs money and you have to pay for the people who work on board to assist you and the all inclusive service that we offer.

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