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How Much does it Cost to Charter a Yacht in the San Blas Islands?

You can charter a boat for a day in the San Blas islands for an average of $1000 per day. The average price for a weekly catamaran rental is $9800.

Chartering an all inclusive catamaran in San Blas and the more than 365 islands is literally visiting the most authentic and secluded part of the Caribbean. Such isolated and wild sailing destination offers an unique experience for groups, families and friends to explore the wonders of this vast self-governed archipelago.

With isolation comes higher costs due to the fact that all provisions, spare parts and other key elements for running a charter company must be imported and flown in.

This factor does not alter the final costs for guests compared to other top charter destinations in the Caribbean such as the BVIs, USVIs, Bermuda, the Grenadines etc and this is mainly because the charter fleet, although in perfect state and perfect capabilities is not the newest.

In contrast with other famous destinations, finding the latest production catamarans in the San Blas islands is not usual and if you want to visit the Guna Yala (San Blas islands) you must adapt to sailing catamaran that are not the newest.

That does not mean you will be sailing and old/deteriorated catamaran, no, not at all. Our catamarans are perfectly equipped by our logistics experts, maintained by professionals and crewed by top sailors with huge experience in the region.

Air conditioning, water maker, paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and everything needed for a successful sailing trip and catamaran cruise are included in the price and not proposed as an option like in other sailing destinations and main charter agencies.

Choose San Blas for an enriching experience and not for the bling.

Learn the natural way and visit the San Blas islands onboard our "floating homes"


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