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No Covid Test Needed to Enter the San Blas Islands: Panama Just Lifted All Travel Restrictions

As of this week, everyone, vaccinated or not, is welcome into Panama and the San Blas autonomous region.

Since September 15th, Panama no longer requires US citizens and other nationalities are completely free to visit Panama:, or any other foreigner visitors, to present a valid negative Covid test.

For the sailing season of 2022-2023, Americans are completely free to visit Panama:

  • No vaccine requirements

  • No pre-departure tests

  • No post-arrival tests

  • No quarantine once landing in the country

Other Latin American countries have started to ease mandates progressively, so check with your embassy for updated info on Covid restrictions still in place in other countries.

Catamaran Adventures San Blas welcomes this measure taken by the Panamanian government.

Now you have no excuse: visit the San Blas Islands


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