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Ready for Summer in San Blas?: All Inclusive Yacht Charters

With Easter break gone and summer just around the corner, we propose to you the most authentic Caribbean sailing destination.

More than 365 tropical islands to visit and home to the Guna Indigenous. San Blas sailing charters offer amazing catamarans with air conditioning for the summer heat, local crew, top cuisine and a vast catalog of free to use and included water toys such as paddle boards and kayaks.

At times, us travelers tend to think we’ve seen it all and there is not much else is left to explore in this world. We have been to the major and much bragged about Caribbean sailing destinations such as the Bahamas, BVIs, Saint Martin, Antigua and Barbuda, the Grenadines and much of the Caribbean, some have gone that far as to visit Greece, Croatia and other sailing charter destinations such as Thailand, Polynesia and the Seychelles

Yes, these mentioned sailing mecas are definitely nice and will implant good memories for years to come, but why not try something extraordinary such as embarking on an out of this world all inclusive crewed yacht charter in the last and most authentic Caribbean destination?

Do your research: this region of Panama is not only completely safe and easy to access from the US, but also retains the true unspoiled Caribbean taste that is long gone for other major and to a point exploited sailing destinations.

How’s the weather in the summer months in San Blas?

Weather in the region is not exactly like the rest of Panama. San Blas weather is tropical but at the same time quite unique and peculiar due mostly to its location in the Caribbean and the blowing Trade Winds.

Embarking on a catamaran cruise is possible year round and there is not really an out of season period. Summer: May - October is the wet period and humidity usually comes in sporadic rain that dissipates shortly after starting.

Light winds, perfect water visibility for snorkeling usually accompanies sailors and travelers

Summer sailing charters in San Blas: a few inviting variables not seen in the high season.

  • decrease in number of boats means the anchorages and islands are even more deserted

  • tranquility reigns due to less local operators

  • moderate winds make sailing easiest

  • even less waves means the catamaran roll any motion is hardly noticeable

  • water visibility improves due to the mild weather conditions

  • flight times can be adjusted easier due to lower demand

  • rain is not an issue in the central months: San Blas is not like Bocas del Toro

  • heat and humidity can be dealt with a catamaran with a/c


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