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Air Conditioning for Chartering a Catamaran in San Blas, Panama: is it Worth it?

It is definitely recommended year-round if anyone in your group is sensitive to heat or if you are sailing during the summer between April and December to reduce the negative effect of humidity combined with heat.

Air-conditioned catamarans require extensive maintenance to keep the systems running and up to date. Motors, generators, solar panels, water pumps and countless mechanisms that must not only be up to date, but also have spare parts in case they stop working. Sailing in the most remote location in the Caribbean, such as the San Blas Islands, makes this a task that only dedicated, professional and knowledgeable captains can perform.

Due to the fact described above, there are simply not many catamarans in San Blas that offer air conditioning and at the moment we can only offer 3 of our catamarans: our 2 Salina 48, and the Lagoon 450, so be sure to book any of these in advance. . catamarans because they are the most requested in our fleet and their availability is often very limited.

Lagoon 450 charter in San Blas
Lagoon 450 with A/C in San bals

Salina 48 with A/C in San Blas
Salina 48 with A/C in San Blas

The air conditioning will typically be on at night so guests can sleep comfortably and be ready for sailing and adventures in San Blas the next day. A well-maintained air conditioner will not only cool your cabin but also remove humidity, thus doubling the benefits of the warm tropical climate of the San Blas Islands.

The cold is not compatible with tropical mosquitoes and that is another advantage of renting a catamaran in San Blas with air conditioning. It's not that there are mosquitoes in our anchorages, but if one sneaked into your cabin, it wouldn't stand a chance and would go straight into shock... :)

Check out the rainfall and temperature statistics for the San Blas region of Panama:

Weather statistics in San Blas, Panama
Weather in San Blas: temperature and humidity

Important; In the years in which the El Niño phenomenon is present, rain and humidity will be much less abundant. The years 2022, 23 and 24 have been El Niño

San Blas (Panama) is a place with a tropical climate. Daytime temperatures range from 30°C (86°F) in December to 32°C (90°F) in April. The highest sea temperatures in San Blas are in October with 29 °C (84 °F) and the lowest in February with 27 °C (80 °F). Nighttime temperatures range from 23°C in January to 25°C in April. The driest month is February with only 2 days of rain, on the contrary the month with the most rain is November with 16 days of rain.

The wettest month in the San Blas Islands is November which can be uncomfortable and quite oppressive unless you are on a beach or under shade. At night you will most likely need air conditioning to sleep.

The least humid month in the San Blas Islands is February with a dew point of 72°, which is also very humid for most who visit us, unless you are on the beach or in the shade. At night you will most likely need a fan at least to sleep comfortably.

The humidity and temperature in the central months can be easily managed by choosing the right catamaran that is modern in design and equipped with air conditioning.

Trust us, we want your catamaran vacation in San Blas to remain in your memory forever.

Catamaran Cruise in total comfort: we are specialists in San Blas and Catamarans


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