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What Are the Benefits of Chartering a Catamaran in Panama?

Choosing a catamaran over a monohull for your next Cruise in San Blas has clear advantages, most important being stability and comfort.

Following is a list of characteristics that make catamarans, especially in the San Blas islands, the best option for discovering such vast and isolated region.

Ideal for Everyone.

Chartering a catamaran in the San Blas islands is perfect for families, groups of friends, and can accommodate 10+ guests. With the two hulls of the catamarans, there are up to 5 cabins, providing privacy and spacious rooms. Additionally, the deck and saloon offer ample seating both inside and outside, making it ideal for dining and socializing. The saloons provide 360-degree views with large windows, allowing for plenty of natural light.

Great Stability.

Monohulls have the typical rolling motion both at sea and at anchor Catamarans do not roll and motion is quite limited because the 2 hulls compensate and stabilize the vessel.

Our Salina 48 catamarans have and impressive 25 feet beam (width) and 48 feet long. Enough square meters to be considered more like a floating home.

Luxurious Accommodation.

All catamarans provide luxury with comfortable beds, seating areas, and outside spaces for sunbathing or relaxing. Some larger catamarans even offer small crew cabins at the front of the boats, as well as a fold-out bed in the saloons.

Explore Multiple Destinations.

Chartering a private yacht (catamaran) in San Blas offers one of the best ways to experience the vast quantity of precious islands. The low draft of catamarans allows access to shallow water bays, moorings close to beaches, and places that monohull boats cannot reach.

Faster Sailing.

Thanks to their design and aerodynamics, catamarans can sail faster, allowing you to reach Dutch Cays and Coco Bandero Cays more quickly. This provides more time for exploration, swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing.

Spacious Boats.

One downside of chartering a catamaran, for instance, in Croatia, is that they are wider than monohull boats, requiring more space when mooring in marinas. Since Croatia's marinas tend to be small, it is essential to book larger spaces in advance, especially during the summer months. However, catamarans are stable boats, providing a pleasant night under anchor and helping to save on marina costs.

Note that there are no luxury hotels in San Blas and booking a private catamaran charter is your only quality solution.

Water toys.

When approaching San Blas sailing correctly, it is important to note that the focus should not solely be on the sailing aspect. Unlike other destinations like the BVI, USVI, and Bahamas, where sailing is the main attraction, San Blas islands charters offer a different experience. These charters primarily revolve around exploring the region at a leisurely pace, with calm and easy conditions, and short sailing distances. The archipelago of San Blas is protected by a large outer reef, which acts as a barrier against inclement weather, resulting in calm waters for our guests to enjoy. Having a variety of water toys on board a catamaran is highly recommended. Catamarans provide ample space to store water toys such as kayaks, paddle boards, and sea bobs, which is not possible on a monohull without obstructing the much-needed deck or cockpit space.

Make sure to check out our catamaran charters in San Blas We love to help!


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