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Which Caribbean Island Has The Best Snorkeling?

The BVIs and U.S. Virgin Islands along other islands in the Caribbean such as the Bahamas, Curacao and Caiman Islands take the credit for being the best snorkeling destinations, that is simply because there are no reviews available of snorkeling in San Blas Islands, Panama.

For a while, the most reviewed and idyllic locations for snorkelling have been those in the Caribbean and the numerous islands that compose it. Famous sites such as those in the islands of Curaçao, Caiman islands, St. Martin and Bonaire are frequented by tourists seeking the best Caribbean snorkelling experience.

These sites mentioned do offer a great opportunity for land based snorkelling expeditions that can satisfy most of the tourists needs to, but what about immersing in a true and unique snorkelling trip in the Caribbean side of Panama?

Our snorkelling experience in San Blas is quite different form any of the mentioned excursions offered in the other famous Caribbean destinations.

Every island in San Blas offers great snorkelling possibilities right off magnificent coconut tree filled white-sand beaches. In most places you'll have the waters to yourself, and in our selected snorkelling spots, you will find no other person around. The snorkelling in the outer reefs of the Dutch Cays, Coco Bandero, Chichime, Cambombia, to name a few of the islands is dramatic, with ledges filled with untouched corals and their abundant marine life around them, walls, nooks, and sandy areas.

Famous shipwreck in San Blas Isla Perro is easily accessible with our dinghy. Although this is a famous site for snorkelling, we encourage our guests to avoid any island that receives tourists from the local taxis and organised San Blas day trips, thus getting to know the real San Blas, their locals and the untouched and unique beauty.

Schools of crayon-colored tropical fish cavorting in clear calm waters, trumpet fish, barracudas and sting rays are plentiful in these waters. At times and when in season, curious local dolphins may show up to greet you and come to the catamaran for a quick swim on their way to the feeding areas.

Our catamarans are fully equipped with all the snorkelling gear you may need, but do bring your own snorkelling gear if you desire, we understand if you want to use your own particular set of fins or googles.

Nothing is easier to engage in a snorkelling expeditions while one of our catamarans in San Blas. Simply notify the captain and he will give you an array of the best snorkelling sites to visit and that are accessible with either our dinghy or simply by a short swim right of the catamaran.

A risk free snorkelling adventure that will leave you with a great memory. Contact us for further info .


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