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10 Things To Know Before Your Next Trip To San Blas, Panama

  1. Pack light. You will not use a lot of clothes. Tropical weather combines well with light clothing. As a general rule, the best fabrics for sailing San Blas are lightweight and made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. Do bring sunglasses, a cap or a hat and a pair of sandals.

  2. The US Dollar is accepted in San Blas: so no need for any currency exchange. $100 bills are not accepted by the San Blas locals, take that into consideration if you plan on buying the traditional molas or any type of local craftsmanship

  3. Our land transfers are totally safe, convenient and affordable: for $70/person/way you will be picked up from your location in Panama City and taken all the way to the catamaran. This price also includes the water taxi from the San Blas port to the catamaran.

  4. Rum Abuelo is good, cheap and makes the best pina colada: Our crewed charters in San Blas include alcohol in moderate consumption, for most of the guests its quite enough but do check our FAQ for details on quantities. If you would like more alcohol, best is to bring a couple of local Panamanian Rum Abuelo bought directly in any supermarket or any of the convenient stores in the streets of Panama. You will not be disappointed!

  5. No mosquitos onboard: you will however meet these annoying insects at your hotel or residence in Panama City, the port of San Blas and also on your trips to some parts of the islands in San Blas, specially in shaded areas. So do bring some mosquito repellent along.

  6. Language: english is widely spoken throughout the country but not in San Blas where the local Kuna indigenous speak the Kuna dialect and some Spanish. Our captain does speak Spanish and will collaborate in any communications needed.

  7. Safety: San Blas is the safest region in Panama with minimal to non existent crime. we have covered this issue in previous posts: "Are San Blas Islands safe? Security in San Blas, Panama" But basically traveling to the San Blas Islands and embarking on a crewed catamaran vacation is totally safe for many reasons, one being the region of San Blas is closely administered by Kuna communities.

  8. No sailing skills required: our crew will take care of all the sailing and the necessary arrangements of your sailing vacations in San Blas. If you would like to participate in the sailing or any sailing maneuver, it is indeed possible, just let the captain know.

  9. COVID: Check with your embassy regarding entry requirements: COVID-19 Panama Information - U.S. Embassy in Panama

  10. Bring your best predisposition: we understand that the peculiarities of such a remote and untouched part of the world as the San Blas islands can be too much to handle at times, but stay open as much as possible, let down your guard, you are in a totally safe in a natural environment and with the best boat and crew possible. Your vacation will not last for ever and the sooner you relax, the happier you will be.

Crewed catamaran sailing in San Blas

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