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Sailboat vacation at its finest: skippered sailing holidays in San Blas, Panama

Let us take you Sailing San Blas, just relax and let the skipper take overall responsibility of the sailing charter. You feel like going for a sailing holiday but didn’t think you had the experience? Then a skippered charter in San Blas is the holiday for you. you will have the freedom to do exactly what you want, whether it be swimming, snorkeling, exploring the islands around and Kuna culture or simply having a siesta in the shade. This option is especially popular with families with family vacations and friends get together.

HOW DOES A SKIPPERED YACHT CHARTER OR CREWED YACHT CHARTER WORK? Book a Skippered yacht charter or a crewed yacht charter and you will not only have the reassurance and confidence to have the Caribbean sailing holiday of a lifetime but the flexibility too. A skippered yacht has many advantages for families that want the experience of a sailing holiday without the pressure of looking after the boat or taking care on details, such as anchoring and navigating in reef areas. The skipper, who knows well the San Blas area and all the islands and reefs will happily help choose a route that suits you and make sure that you have a stress free and comfortable cruise around this beautiful part of Panama. The skipper will sleep on board and will take overall responsibility for the yacht, If you choose the crewed charter, then a second person in charge of cooking and cleaning will be on board, food and drinks will also be included in the calculation of the vacation. This type of sailing holiday gives you the freedom to experience and enjoy your holiday exactly how you want to. It is your holiday and we aim for it to exceed your expectations! REQUIRED EXPERIENCE For skippered charters we do not require any qualifications or previous experience. We will guide you round San Blas you are most welcome to take part in the sailing and our skippers are always pleased to pass on knowledge.

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