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San Blas, Panama: When To Travel?

One of the questions often asked is "when is it best to travel to San Blas?" there is no direct answer to this question, it all depends on your preferences. The multitude of islands that constitute this amazing archipelago can deliver a great experience all year round, sailing conditions and climate vary depending on the month and season you choose, dry or wet.

December - April, the perfect conditions: this months are considered to be high season and by far the most requested by our clients, be sure to book well in advance or you will most likely not find any availability on our catamarans for the periods of Christmas, Carnival and Easter, some of these dates get booked with up to a year in advance, the rest of the dates in high season are more likely to be available but still demand is high so remember to book in advance.

During the high season and thanks to the prevailing Trade winds that blow in this part of Panama, unlike other destinations in Panama such as Bocas del Todo, there will be almost no humidity or rain, maybe some occasional shower at night to clean the deck and make the captain happy...!

If you are a sailor, come during the high season, chances of sailing in different angles and stronger wind than any other months will make your stay as nutritious as possible.

May - November, tropical climate at it´s best: if you prefer the hot tropical climate, come between these months, yes it is somewhat hot at times, but San Blas is empty, almost no boats and no day tourist, you will have this part of Paradise almost by yourself, no interference means you can easily integrate all the beauty of this more than 360 islands and feel part of nature.

Weather, in San Blas during these moths can be sunny, cloudy at times with an hour or so of rain during the day, calm weather and no wind alternating with occasional squalls make water visibility be at its best, so go snorkeling and explore the coral reef right next to the catamaran.


Catamaran Adventures San Blas

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