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5 Reasons for Spending your Next Christmas Holidays Sailing the San Blas Islands

With Christmas holidays around the corner, it’s time to decide on where to travel before it’s too late and our preferred choices become unavailable. Stay home and do as usual or go for a sailing vacation on a Christmas cruise.

Enjoying Christmas at home surrounded by family and friends and engaging in the typical things to do such as watching a Christmas movie, baking that special food and other activities can be a rewarding experience and probably the most common choice for all of us, but why not break the tradition and setoff for a mind changing experience in the most idyllic part of the Caribbean onboard the perfect catamaran.

your next Christmas sailing holiday could look something like this

Here’s the list of reasons for chartering a yacht in the Caribbean this Christmas:

  1. Forget about the cold weather, welcome to the tropics, snow is now replaced by white sand. Do not bring any foul weather clothing and keep your luggage light, you will not need much in San Blas, so bring a hat, sun glasses, swimming suit and a book to read, almost everything else is not needed.

  2. No Christmas lights traditions in which to engage if you don’t feel like. Experience the new traditions of such an unique place.

  3. No crowds, only a few friendly indigenous around

  4. All inclusive sailing charters means you can just relax and basically do nothing

  5. NATURE! unspoiled nature

These are just a few of the reasons why sailing the Caribbean and renting a catamaran in the San Blas islands for Christmas are beneficial to you. We are busy preparing this season and responding all quote and info requests so we cannot keep our blog as updated as we’d like to.

This year there are less catamarans located in San Blas and demand for sailing charters has surged, so make sure you fix your reservation ahead of time.


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