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Are Bareboat Charters in San Blas Islands Available?

Smooth sailing the San Blas islands requires both the need of experienced crew and a meticulous provisioning plan. Bareboat charters sailing vacations in the islands of San Blas are not possible for a number of reasons.

The booming charter industry and more precisely the sail-it-yourself offer across the most important Caribbean sailing destinations is becoming increasingly present over the years. Guiding your own vessel with the error-free marine charts available for touristic waters such as those in the BVI, St, Martin, Grenada, Antigua, etc, is an easy job that can be assumed by many, but that is not the case for the San Blas islands.

Aerial footage of our sailing grounds in San Blas, Panama. Note the reefs and sand banks.

The more than 350 islands of the archipelago of San Blas are usually surrounded by a complete or partial coral reef. Approaching an anchorage and other sailing manoeuvres that can be easily undertaken in other simpler sailing areas, must be precisely conducted here in order to limit the risk.

The islands of San Blas are an amazing place to sail but the uncharted waters can pose an overwhelming challenge throughout your sailing vacation. If you are an experienced or new sailor our professional friendly skipper is an excellent add on to your sailing holidays in the San Blas Islands.

Yacht charters in such a remote areas of the Caribbean must be precisely planned and orchestrated with the limited resources available

Quick guide and facts Sailing San Blas Islands on a catamaran cruise

  • Fresh water is provided by the onboard water maker and what normally is the biggest challenge to any sailor in the San Blas Islands is no longer an issue in our bareboat sailing charters.

  • Food basics are hard come by. Rice, pasta, spices are to some extent available in a few of the basic mini markets in the communities close to shore but if you are looking for a decent variety of condiments, San Blas is not the place to find them and must be obtained from either Colon area or Panama.

  • Lobsters are abundant in the area but one must purchase them from the local indigenous and this can be sketchy at times. Fishing boats carrying lobsters, fish and other fresh delicacies have a determined route and anchoring must be done along their daily path to increase the chances of meeting them.

  • Diesel and gasoline when available are of very poor quality and must be filtered in order to limit the huge problems that can arise. Just imagine sailing on the windward with a clogged fuel filter...

  • Boat spare parts, not in San Blas, forget it, not even simple ones such as filters, batteries, etc..

  • Marinas: sorry, not a chance... If bad weather hits the San Blas islands, there is no possibility for shelter in a marina. Sheltered waters in San Blas vary depending on the swell and wind direction. A local captain with the sufficient knowledge is esential.

Our catamaran charters in San Blas Islands include our friendly skipper and a 15% discount on the online tariff if you do not need the provisioning or extra crew. Simply notify us of your intentions and we will provide a skipper to help you sail the waters of San Blas.

You can forget about provisioning by simply handing us in due time, 2 weeks prior to embarking, a list of your cooking essentials. We will have them ready on boarding day. Let our friendly skipper take guide you through the San Blas islands and make the most out of your Caribbean Holidays.

Our San Blas catamarans all have separate crew quarters and either a complete or semi flybridges which contributes to the feeling of privacy demanded by bareboat charter guests. The peculiarities of catamarans and the wide open spaces provided clearly makes a healthy and self-dosified socialising context.

Contact us now for your next Bareboat Sailing Holidays (with skipper) in San Blas islands.


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