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What Are The Best Sailing Vacations?

All inclusive catamaran sailing vacations throughout the more than 350 islands of San Blas are by far the best vacations for small groups and families seeking a memorable experience.

Cold winters in Europe, USA and basically the whole Western world and its cities take up so many (too many) months. Rain and foul weather are part of our life, and like many others, we are immersed in our daily routines and work; basically running from one place to the other looking for that ray of light seldom to be found.

For some of the optimistic individuals, the unceasing search for that light and the dream of the renaissance of the city is what keeps their sanity and aspirations intact. Limitations on movement, security measures and other restrictions imposed by our governments which have been going for months clearly lessen our wellbeing.

What better way for you to release tension and to reboot than embarking on a truly relaxing escape, heading to a real vacation far away from routine and in another totally different paradise, a natural one.

We have the solution for you: discover a crewed catamaran vacation in the Caribbean, a family friendly destination, a skippered sailing holiday in San Blas, Panama.

Why choose sailing in Panama instead of for example one of the normal sailing vacation packages like a BVI sailing charters?

If you desire to scape routine, a drastic change of scenery and the certainty to be engulfed by nature, you must consider isolated locations where human development has been limited in some way.

Do to demand increase in island vacations, most of the Caribbean islands with international airports and good communications and specially those closer to the US have seen a strong tourism industry develop and therefore a massive increase in the construction of hotels and resorts.

With construction and development comes along destruction of the natural scenery. Once empty islands are now congested with the results of a booming tourism industry. Land was sold to hotels and resorts and that was the end of paradise.

San Blas is not the case. The islands in San Blas, unlike the Pacific side of Panama, such as the Pearl islands, cannot be sold to foreigners and by Kuna law will always remain in the hands of the Kuna Yala families. If land can not be sold to foreign hotels and big tourism agencies, development is stopped.

Yes it is marvellous to have a bar close by, to have a fresh water shower to use when needed, fresh food and a few water toys to play around. It is not nice to have a crowded beach and loud music playing at all times, a sea full of jet skis and a polluted ocean, all this due to a relentless growth of tourism and disconnection from nature.

San Blas has the perfect equilibrium, trust us. You will have all your needs covered plus you will be in a total natural, untouched and pristine environment sailing along the more than 350 islands on an amazing catamaran.

Choose the location for your next sailing vacation package wisely: we offer crewed private sailing charters and shared sailing charters. We also have the option for flotilla holidays in case you would like to come along many others, there is always an option for you.

Visit our website for updates on the best sailing vacations in the San Blas islands.


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