Can I Drive Myself to the San Blas Islands?

Self driving and skipping an organized land transfer is possible. You will have to reach one of the ports and still take a water taxi of around 40 minutes to your chosen island or spot where your catamaran will be anchored and ready for your sailing charter..

There are several factors to consider in the logistics when deciding on the San blas islands as your next holiday destination. Where to depart from and how to get to the catamaran and the islands are one of the questions we get asked a lot.

For us, the answer is clear, you can do it the simple way by hiring a private plane to take you to the landing strip down at Corazon de Jesus (best part of the San Blas islands) where the catamaran will be anchored. Plane transfer time is 40 minutes and you will depart from Albrook local terminal located within Panama City, relatively close to any of the well known hotels and main attractions,

... or you can do it the "not so simple way" by using land transfers in two possible ways: