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Catamaran Charter In San Blas Panama: Any Health Concerns?

No health concerns associated to your San Blas Cruise. Observe basic boat life precautions, walk slowly on deck, avoid sunburns and do not drink too much wine...

There are many reasons why sailing a catamaran in San Blas can be a safe rewarding experience for you and your family or friends, no matter age or physical condition.

First of all and for those somewhat concerned about what sea conditions can be like in this Caribbean paradise, it is important to know that the more than 365 islands are located within a huge 20 nautical mile bay that is protected from any weather interference coming from the open sea. This protection is basically a string of coral reefs that stop any wave or current from entering the sailing area covered. No waves mean no rolling at the anchorages; good news for all.

Another important fact is that our featured boats are all catamarans which are proven to offer great stability both sailing and at the anchorage. Catamarans are considerably more stable than monohulls, they do not bang back and forth in swells and there is also less tilt of the catamaran sailing in comparison to the monohulls. Our catamaran guests can eat, sleep and live their San Blas island vacation far more comfortably than a those on a monohull. Note that our catamarans in San Blas are much wider than monohulls, our Salina 48 has impressive 8 meter beam and therefore provides an enormous aft cockpit.

Sailing the San Blas islands on a Caribbean yacht charter is not the typical vacation. We understand all the health related concerns when traveling to such exotic destinations such as Panama San Blas an other unfamiliar or remote areas, therefore we provide all health assistance in all of our San Blas trips.

If case of mishap, our captains will respond immediately in order to asses the situation and provide the appropriate response.

Our CE approved Catamarans are equipped with a full first aid kit and can be freely used at any time and for a range of situations, furthermore and most important is that in case an evacuation is needed we can simply book an airplane or helicopter and reach any hospital in Panama City very shortly. Injuries that require evacuations are extremely rare and are caused by erratic behaviour of guests. In the last five years we have only had one air evacuation, that of a capricious guest with a broken rib caused by disastrously landing on the deck, too much Abuelo rum...

No tropical diseases such as malaria are associated to San Blas, no mosquitos at the anchorages and unlike other islands in the Caribbean, no thefts or vandalism of any kind. San Blas is a totally safe sailing area for you to enjoy freely.

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