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Chase the Sun: Book Your 2024 High Season Catamaran Charter in San Blas Now

Scape the 2024 winter: with new catamarans coming in and easiness in flight transfers, Sailing the San Blas islands during the best period has never been so gratifying.

Welcome to our new approach on what an out of this world sailing vacation and a catamaran cruise in the best and only true Caribbean Paradise is.

Often criticised for provoking the much needed evolution into a more friendly and quality oriented catamaran charter reality in San Blas, Catamaran Adventures will continue to push forward with the reforms in the local sailing industry while preserving the essence of the Guna Yala region and contributing with the local communities in a balanced way.

Private Catamaran charter in San Blas

Leaving 2023 behind also means leaving behind the old days when reaching San Blas was only possible through a never ending road, and that is thanks to the expanding fleet of private planes that are able to reach the San Blas landing strip in Corazon de Jesus, likewise, the days where the only boats available were not only poorly maintained but also captained by unprofessional characters to say the least, are also over.

As we step into the peak season for Caribbean travel, we are also approaching what could be considered the optimal period of the year to embark on a sailing adventure in the autonomous region of Guna Yala.

Private catamaran charter in San Blas

If your main objectives for a winter escape include basking in warm, sun-drenched days infused with the vibrant essence of the Caribbean region and indulging in exclusive sightseeing experiences, our acclaimed yacht charters in San Blas will cater to your every wish!

Although already reduced, we still have availability for your next sailing holidays in the San Blas Islands. Our Lagoon 57, Lagoon 52, Salina 48 and Lagoon 42 which are our most requested catamarans are available on selected dates and ready to embark you on a life changing vacation.

Don't lose the opportunity to sail the more than 365 islands in San Blas.


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