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Family Vacations In San Blas, Easter Sailing Holiday

As winds start do die, exploring the San Blas islands and its natural beauties along with your family or friends on a family vacation is undoubtedly the most interesting and special way of spending your Easter holidays.

Imagine for a moment embarking along with your loved ones on the perfect catamaran sailing holiday along the Caribbean coast of Panama, a journey into the deep San Blas and to the most natural and pristine Caribbean location possible to visit. Trade winds that run from East to West and from December-May are already calming down and blowing much less than in the intense Christmas weeks. Lighter winds mean even less chances of any rolling at the anchorages, more water visibility which is perfect for snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, or simply sunbathing on one of the stunning decks of our catamarans in San Blas.

Some parents might feel reluctant to embark in a sailing vacation in such a remote place as San Blas. Do children have fun in San Blas and will they keep busy? Our answer is always a rotund "yes". Kids have a lot of fun onboard, they always make the most of their sailing holidays in San Blas. Jumping on a paddle board or a kayak for a stroll around the catamaran, snorkelling, swimming to the island close by, playing with Kuna indigenous kids and taking part in a unique and enriching cultural exchange.

A San Blas islands cruise ventures to beautiful yachting grounds with enchanting nature, white sand beaches filled with coconut trees, beautiful natural anchorages free of any pollution, noise and any outside interference. Your next sailing holiday could be a San Blas cruise, so forget your troubles, relax and let these tropical islands and its magic inside of you.

*Tip: try to avoid the busiest days of Easter where transfers to San Blas tend to have delays, specially road transfers.


What to do in San Blas Islands?

Adults can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, visiting the San Blas islands and meeting the friendly indigenous, sunbathing or simply relaxing on board. Kids are normally busy swimming to the close by reefs, paddle-boarding, kayaking or playing on the beach.

Choose San Blas, for your next holidays in the Caribbean.


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