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Is Dream Yacht Charters Available in San Blas?

It is not, the reality of the Guna Yala archipelago, for a number of reasons, is not a welcoming scenario for the biggest sailing charter operators to get established. Only small local specialized operators offer private catamaran charters.

The vast network of agencies in more that 50 countries around the world, of not only Dream Yacht Charters, but also Sunsail, Moorings and other large operators does not cover the amazing San Blas islands and there are a number of reasons for that.

Anchorage in Martinique
Anchorage in Martinique

In the past, big companies have made attempts to include the San Blas islands located in the Caribbean side of Panama.

Their ever expanding list of world sailing charter locations has grown alongside the demand for recreational sailboat activities and specially catamaran charters. What once were the typical off the beaten path sailing locations, with time and improvement of accessibility and promotion have now been popularized.

But what about the San Blas islands?

The islands cannot be sold to foreigners and only local indigenous can legally own them, that alone constitutes the main reason this archipelago is still intact and retains a true Caribbean essence.

Traditional molas are the main handcrafts in San Blas
Traditional molas are the main handcrafts in San Blas

Guna Yala was never colonized and the signs of western values and interference is greatly reduced, unlike other Caribbean sailing charter hotspots like BVIs Martinique, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, etc. The uprising by the Kuna, to declare independence, in the San Blas Islands in February 1925 took care of all that.

No marinas, no repair facilities, no fuel and gas, no loud bars at shore and no bling bling make this destination quite unique and hard to expose, penetrate and most importantly fit in the commercial catalog of big charter companies.

The benefits of not fitting in are less pressure and stress, greater more happiness and fulfillment. San Blas is simply in another league of Private Sailing Charters.
BBQ island San Blas
BBQ island San Blas

When you book a catamaran cruise in the San Blas islands, you are heading to a peaceful part of the planet where harmony with the ecosystem and tranquil ways still perdure; a place where snorkeling is the best in the Caribbean, where locals are (trully) friendly and welcoming and where everything works at a slow Caribbean pace.

With our love, dedication and understanding of the intrinsic reality of the Guna Yala people and culture, we make this Caribbean sailing paradise accesible to others.

Come sail San Blas on a crewed catamaran, swim the turquoise waters with Catamaran Adventures San Blas.


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