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Is it Worth Booking Early for Christmas Travel in San Blas?

Knowing your travel plans to the San Blas islands are confirmed well in advance has clear benefits. Book early, avoid quick decisions and arrangements and relieve yourself of stress.

The most important reasons for booking your catamaran cruise in San Blas are because, unlike other parts of the Caribbean, only a small fleet of catamarans are available and legally licensed to charter and sailing charters demand on holidays is extremely high.

Salina 48 Mambo Diablo San Blas
Perfect catamaran for the San Blas

As years behind, we recommend our future guests to secure their Christmas sailing charter earliest possible.

Book early your sailing trip in San Blas and you will not only be able to book the best catamarans with higher level of equipment, water toys and crew with best reviews but also secure the best accommodation in Panama if you wish to extend your trip elsewhere than in San Blas.

It is also important to note that international and local flights which will become scarcer as the year progresses.

Flights to San Blas
Flight to San Blas: Only a handful of planes in service

Christmas in San Blas is special. Cool temperatures, steady trade winds and sunny conditions will accompany you all along your days in the islands. Water visibility will be around 50 - 60 ft. during Christmas holidays and the whole high season. San Blas also has excellent places to enjoy the abundant marine life of this amazing Caribbean archipelago of more than 365 islands.

We are introducing clear kayaks in some of our catamarans which like other water toys will be included in your charter experience for free, so look out for this magnificent add-ons.

Kayaks in San Blas
Clear Kayaks in San Blas

Lobsters and fish are plentiful during Christmas and indigenous become the providers of such delicacies which will be later served for dinner in our dream catamaran cruises.

Traditional Christmas dinners in San Blas will definitely surprise you in a good way.

Christmas sailing in the Caribbean San Blas
Crab and Lobster for dinner in the San Blas

Receiving early bookings and planning ahead also has benefits for us charter operators since we can setup your charter easier and offer the personalized experience you deserve.

In the end, this is a win-win situation for guests and charter agencies which results in the desirable outcome which should be a dream tropical vacation, a conscious expanding adventure and a memory for years to come.

Booking early for Christmas in San Blas is definitely a good idea since availably is greatly reduced during those holidays and you will need the time to fix your international flight connections, transfers to San Blas and the necessary travel documents.


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