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Moorings, Sunsail and Dream Yacht Charter in San Blas?

There are no big charter agencies in the San Blas islands because they are not tolerated by the local Guna law. Only small operator and agencies can find equilibrium with the locals inhabitants and the pristine ecosystem.

San Blas is definitely a very special and delicate place and not a major sailing destination or tourist trap

San Blas islands and its pristine beauty away from high tourism traffic
San Blas is pristine beauty, vibrant marine life, secluded beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters away from high tourism traffic and high winds.

Old models of equilibrium, coexistence with the natural surrounding and the original inhabitants, the Guna indigenous, still persist and are the main factors that differentiate these islands and Caribbean charter destination from others.

With the yacht charter business becoming increasingly popular (yes, even more than before...) and the obvious concentration of companies that offer their services in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, one comes up with the question: how come Moorings, Sunsail, Bareboat and Dream Yacht Charter are not present in San Blas?

San Blas islands and its pristine beauty, away from the pollution that comes with massive development
What to expect? More than 365 paradise islands to visit, where most likely you will find just for yourself to enjoy with only 49 of them being inhabited.

Every Caribbean sailing location with possibilities has been targeted by these massive sailing companies that are basically fueled by private investors that become "boat owners" only to lease their new boat back to the company in order to have the right to sail it a couple of weeks a year and make a questionable "profit" that will help in some way with the total cost of the catamaran or monohull in question.

Normal depreciation of the boats and catamarans, poor maintenance jobs, at times reckless treatment from bareboat charter guests and the occasional hurricane like Irma that can destroy whole yacht bases are factors to weigh in before committing to Moorings, SunSail or Dream Yacht.
Hurricane Irma aftermath in the BVI
Hurricane Irma aftermath in the BVIs and and an example on the pressure other Caribbean destinations face.

Back to the matter: the fragile yet wonderfully preserved equilibrium of the islands and the Guna law are main actors that have kept the big players out of the San Blas islands, but there are other factors.

Empty anchorages and a myriad of islands to choose from in the San Blas

The whole San Blas is dotted with reefs and hidden navigation dangers that are not mapped and are great for snorkeling but can lead to disaster if the crew does not have a profound knowledge of the surroundings, and that takes years to achieve. Our captains live in San Blas and navigating through the narrow passages is a day to day thing.

Close ties with the Guna's forged by years of sailing the waters of the archipelago are needed in order not only to be respected and taken into consideration by the locals but also to have the right to sail San Blas and be present in their lives.

Our captains get invited to Guna weddings, and also the local Chicha Fuerte parties that mark special moments in the Guna's and that are held deep in the communities closer to shore. Why would anyone want to miss that? Talk about cultural exchange...
Guna women in community event

This amazing part of the Caribbean can not be structured in a way to serve the interests of the big players and charter agencies. Also, up to now, the sailboats and catamarans along with their local crew in San Blas play a huge role in maintaining the equilibrium that was lost in the other sailing destinations around the world.

Thanks to this common effort, the archipelago maintains its pristine nature and cultural identity. Undoubtedly, the Guna continue to play the most significant role in the social, political, and economic life of the region.

Guna Yala flag
Guna Yala

Ultimately, relax, let your guard down and let our them guide you through the last Caribbean Paradise of San Blas.


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