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Conscious Sailing Charters and Environmental Awareness While Sailing San Blas

Embarking on a Eco-friendly sailing vacation in Panama makes total sense. Our aim is to protect the last 350 San Blas islands and the ecosystem around whilst providing the best yacht charter holiday in this remote part of the Caribbean.

The thriving region of the San Blas islands and the vast and impenetrable jungle around remain the last untouched part of the Caribbean and unlike other islands in the tropics such as the BVI, St Marteen, Antigua, and the other Antilles, the Caribbean side of Panama has greatly decelerated any development and banned international investors from purchasing any land within the autonomous region thus greatly contributing to making the San Blas islands the best Caribbean sailing spot.

Sailing San Blas on a catamaran and enjoying life in the tropics does not have to be destructive to the environment or cause any major disruption in the ecosystem and the daily life of the Kuna indigenous. There are many ways for mitigating our impact on the area.

It would be simple for us to concentrate is reducing or not using plastic in our catamaran sailing charters, but we need to look beyond this issue and implement a more diverse strategy for conserving this islands and maintaining San Blas as the ultimate sailing area in the Caribbean:

In order to reduce our impact, we and our guests must observe the following recommendations and tips:

  • Use fresh water consciously

  • Try not not to carry single use plastic bottles

  • Cut down on packaging

  • Limit the use of solar cream

  • Use the sails when possible

  • Switch off lights and close fridge when not i use

  • Never throw any waste over the side

  • Use A/C consciously, that is if the catamaran you rent has one

Maintenance and cleaning:

  • We use natural cleaning products such as vinegar so that is does not affect the coral and fish around

  • Dispose of used oil at marinas that have recycling possibilities

  • Use toilet paper and napkins used only when necessary

  • Refuel and provision strategically (locally when possible)

Observing these recommendations will reduce drastically our impact and help our Kuna indigenous friends to preserve their land for years to come.

Why wait? choose your dates and go for the all inclusive catamaran sailing holiday

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