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San Blas, the Best Caribbean Beach and Cultural Destination

This tropical paradise, not only offers more that 365 islands to explore, but also an educational opportunity in a completely out-of-this-world cultural setting.

If you visit some of the most known beach destinations throughout the Caribbean you will find out that the array of activities beyond sunbathing and swimming is fairly limited, added to that, some famous locations feel overcrowded during most of the year.

Overcrowded beach in Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

Visiting real off the beaten path places such as the San Blas islands and engaging with the Guna locals, trying the local cuisine, and experiencing different customs and traditions has clear benefits for us, both personally and professionally.

Beach in the San Blas

Local crab and lobster

Snorkeling the best reefs in the Caribbean, kayaking around, swimming with dolphins or visiting the many islands at our reach is definitely in our agenda and we will encourage you to do so every single day of your catamaran charter in San Blas, but we strongly believe that San Blas is much more than that and a dose of optional cultural exposure is what clearly sets appart San Blas from other plane beach destinations in the world.

Swimming in Turquoise waters

Best snorkel in the Caribbean

Immersing in the cultural richness of the Guna Yala region, as said, is something optional that can enhance your overall travel experience.

Exposure to such an unique and untouched culture can broaden your family's horizons and help you see the world from different perspectives. This can lead to greater empathy and understanding of people from diverse backgrounds.

Visit from friendly local fishermen in San Blas: Lobster is in the menu!

Engaging with locals for example in the Dutch Cays and experiencing their way of life can lead to meaningful cultural exchange. Some catamarans such as the Salina 48 "Mambo Diablo" crew a local Guna indigenous which is, crucial to opening the doors to the deep San Blas.

Guna sisters in Dutch Cays

Cultural exposure during a family sailing holiday can enrich the experience, promote learning, and foster a deeper appreciation for the world's diversity. It's an opportunity to not only explore new places but also to explore different ways of life and thinking.


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