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Hot Summer Holidays Ahead: Catamarans with A/C for Sailing the San Blas islands

With summer just around the corner; yes, finally! it is time to plan out your catamaran charter in the San Blas islands. but how hot does it get and which catamarans are best fitted for the heat?

We are not going to lie to you: Panama has year round tropical weather, and even though it is not in the path of hurricanes, unlike other Caribbean sailing destinations such as the BVIs, Bermuda, S.Martin, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it gets hot during the central months of summer which coincides with much of the vacation periods for us mortals.

Whole Panama is out of the reach of hurricanes.

By hot we mean around 90 degrees mostly during the day which can be pleasant if you enjoy swimming, loungin while sipping your iced drink or sitting under a coconut tree.

But what about the night time? Would you be comfortable in hot conditions?

Chances are you will not be, only locals are ok with these temperatures, but indigenous are not like us, again, we, mere mortals, on a week or whatever long itinerary for sailing San Blas islands chosen, cannot expect to enjoy a good night sleep under tropical weather.

Is it worth visiting the San Blas islands during the summer?

It definitely is because you not only get to enjoy the anchorages at the Cays almost all by yourself and get to explore the sheer beauty of the last untouched Caribbean paradise, but also because the water should be crystal clear and the local indigenous as welcoming as can be. Summer is the time perfect time for snorkeling, paddle boarding os simply relaxing or bonding with the infinature nature of the islands.

The Pool in San Blas: empty anchorage during July

What are the concerns on sailing San Blas during summer?

Take into consideration that you are coming to a tropical location during summer and rain, although it should not be persistent, is highly possible. Occasional rain is not problematic at all in these latitudes and your catamaran cruise in the San Blas islands is unlikely to suffer any type of disruption because of rain. Rain will most likely appear during the night and last not longer than 45 minutes. Having persistent rain is not probable because the region of Guna Yala, unlike Bocas del Toro, is not in a valley and rain and fronts simply moves along.

Summer sailing in San Blas

What catamaran should I book?

Depending on your intentions, number of guests and budget, we have a selection of catamarans in San Blas that can be book through Be sure to book way ahead because there are no more than 3 catamarans with A/C in San Blas and demand for them is quite high.

Catamarans with air conditioning in San Blas are recommended during April to end of November and yearound it any in your group is sensitive to heat.

In our fleet you will find 2 Salina 48 catamarans that are not only equipped with air conditioning but also offer a huge list of water toys and extras like open bar and delicious cuisine. Aboard the Salina 48 Mambo Diablo you will find a local indigenous assistant name Jose Manuel. who will introduce you to their family in Dutch Cays and is key at facilitating our operations in the Guna Yala region.

These catamarans can take up to 10 guests in 2 double cabins with private bathroom and 2 single beds. Sleeping is mostly done with the A/C on during the hot summer nights

Our Salina 48 (2 units) are equipped with air conditioning and other important extras

What should I bring to San Blas?

Bring the usual clothes in order to guard your skin from the sun, also pack your sunglasses, hat and rashguard if you have one.

What if you have to cancel due to the weather?

In the event of a major local or national meteorological episode that blocks communications, you are entitled to a full refund. We want you to come back. Our ultimate goal is to show you this amazing part of the Caribbean.

If you are a true adventurer and can take the heat, there are also catamarans for you that have fans instead of A/C. We have the best catamaran cruise in the San Blas islands for you. Contact us.

Ready to charter an amazing catamaran in the San Blas islands?

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