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What Is The Best Coronavirus Isolation Vacation?

An all inclusive Caribbean catamaran charter vacation throughout the vast and isolated archipelago of San Blas is definitely safe in regards to Covid exposure and outside interference. Catamaran Adventures San Blas can provide the most effective sailing isolation vacations possible.

The general purpose of travelling is to enjoy time in an enriching context and environment whilst remaining safe. Nowadays this ever-going pandemic and the long list of restrictions has led us to believe that we can no longer combine the two variables mentioned before.

This is not true specially in this pandemic times where news and information flows are distorted in so many ways. When it comes to our sailing cruises in the Caribbean, we have the solution: a deep Caribbean sailing vacation in isolation and surrounded by nature.

A Caribbean sailboat charter with crew can be as safe as staying on a permanent lockdown at your own house but with the advantages of living and experiencing the best way to travel; nutritious times that will definitely leave a memory in you.

Yacht charter is a haven for pandemic times, just think about it:

- The San Blas region in Panama is the most isolated part of the Caribbean, extremely low to none density of population where we sail, mostly the outer cays of San Blas.

- Interaction with others is clearly limited and adapted to you exactly needs. If you have the desire to interact with the locals, then observe social distancing, wearing masks where necessary and regular hand washing

.- You will be in open spaces and not constricted areas where virus impact is high.

- Private transfer from Panama City to San Blas Islands is actually a really easy and safe journey. Either fly in our take our private car transfer. Safety measures such as wearing masks are mandatory in all transfers. Private transfers with no other person in the group to share the space, except for the driver/pilot, means no chance for any infection. We could also pick you up from the international airport and transfer you directly to the catamaran.

- Infection rates in the San Blas area are minimal and incidence of the virus is most likely to be inferior to your country/state where you reside.

- Scrupulous cleaning methods are applied to each boat, we are extra cautious when disinfecting our catamarans.


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