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Top 10 Best Videos of San Blas Islands Sailing

The Guna Yala region offers unique possibilities for capturing out of this world moments. Where else will you find 365 coconut filled tropical islands, perfect white coral san beaches and an extremely well preserved indigenous culture while comfortably sailing on a perfectly equipped catamaran?.

Here are some short videos of this Paradise call the San Blas Islands.

This is Paradise within Paradise

Where do we lilke to hang out in San Blas. Mostly The pool and around the Dutch Cays and Coco Bandero Cays. Both spots are close to the ariport at Corazon de Jesus where our private flights land.

Sharks in San Blas

Do not worry of encountering nurse sharks in San Blas, they are the friendliest creatures around

Secret spot

Visit the ultimate off the beaten path experience in San Blas which can be as idyllic as you want. Stay away from the islands close to the road entrance and you will find paradise. Get informed on what islands not to visit.

Yet another shot of one of our favourite spots:

More secluded spots:

Cambombia and islands around are perfect for easy sailing and living the tropical life onboard. Marine life is abundant and there is always a change for paddle boarding and kayaking around

Swimming in crystal clear waters

San Blas is a also an incredible place for families

Our old time favourite video seen thousands of times and a reflection of how we style our sailing charters

Promo videos

Charter operations with a group of guests into Kitesurfing back when it was allowed

Anchoring in is a year round delight

Not all the islands in San Blas are tiny:

Don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel where we regularly post.


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