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We Extend our 100% Refund Policy for any 2023-24 Covid Related Disruptions

With the 2023- 24 season just around the corner, we are extending our full money back guarantee to all our Catamaran sailing charters in San Blas.

Currently, there are no restrictions or requirements specific to COVID-19 in Panama, but that does not mean that the situation will stay the same in the future. Who knows...?

Maybe some new type of Covid virus comes along and things turn nasty again, restricting travel and for example limiting international flights. Not that we believe that will happen but, since or focus is not only to open the jewel of the Caribbean to you but also do it in a safe, responsible and ordered manner, we have extended our Covid full refunds policies beyond 2023.

What does that mean to our guests?

Basically if you cannot make it to San Blas due to any travel disruption, you will get your full refund, that is, all the funds you have sent us. Our full refund policies have been posted public since the beginning of the pandemic.

Booking your vacation has never been safer. With our full money back guarantee you may now go ahead and book your private catamaran sailing charter in the best Caribbean location: San Blas


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