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What is the Best San Blas Cruise?

Arranged itinerary, perfectly equipped catamaran, 5 star crew and a reliable and specialized charter agency are the 4 key features needed for a successful yacht charter in the San Blas islands.

With popularity of the San Blas islands on the rise, new agencies, catamarans and different yachts operating solely have sprouted and offer their services in the last Caribbean Paradise of the San Blas islands.

First of, language and cultural barriers of this unusual sailing destination in the Caribbean are factors to consider when deciding on your next charter vacation.

The Guna Yala region or San Blas has its own unique dialect and culture aside form Panama’s and even though the islands are part of Panama, they have the status of autonomous region and they are non dependent on the Panamanian Government for the most part.

Apart from considering the noted cultural uniqueness, follow the next recommendations before booking a yacht charter in the San Blas

1. Arranged itinerary: Having a preset itinerary not only gives you peace of mind, but also takes away the chance of being caught in one of the islands included in our very much sincere post "Top 5 Islands Not To Visit In The San Blas". A few of the islands in the San Blas region can be affected by overtourism, specially during high season, so, better to stay away from them.

San Blas, if visited the right way is the complete opposite of a tourist trap, in fact, the more than 365 islands that stretch for more than 20 miles is, without a doubt, the most secluded and best preserved part of the Caribbean.

2. Perfectly equipped catamarans: famous Caribbean sailing destinations such as the BVIs or Bahamas have great access to provisions, supplies and spare parts. Not in San Blas,no. We rely on the Guna indigenous for the fresh lobster and other sea delicacies. All other provisions and spare parts we fly in.

Having a water maker of considerable size, a potent outboard and dinghy to land in the most remote islands, paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, fishing gear and optional water toys such as seabobs are very much appreciated for guests and something you cannot rent outside the catamaran simply because there are no shops or rental facilities of any kind in the region. Air conditioning catamarans are a very popular option due to the fact that it does get hot at times and a good night sleep is needed in order to fully enjoy the next day.

3. The right crew: imagine having to share a place with someone else you do not previously know. Our catamarans are big and spacious with different areas where you will feel comfortable and at ease, but since they are still a boat, you will have to share some of the space.

We employ only 5 star crew, knowledgeable of the San Blas, professional, competent, attentive and at the same time respectful of your privacy.

This year's Best Crew Award was given to our Captain Daniel, cook Paloma and deckhand Jose. Lookup their names on TripAdvisor for that matter.

4. The Best San Blas Sailing Company: do your research and look out for inconsistencies in the information provided through their webpages Do not commit to a charter if you do not have all the booking info requested and if their response is vague or not in detail.

Do not book your sailing trip with companies that offer the same services to backpackers with no quality itineraries and have both catamarans and monohulls on their catalog. Look for specialist specifically offering private catamaran charters in the San Blas.

Again, Tripadvisor plays a major role in determining which is the best San Blas Sailing Company.

Cruise San Blas and book your catamaran charter: more info


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