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Will the San Blas Islands Disappear with the Rising Oceans?

Yes, much like low-lying island nations and territories around the world, they will eventually disappear due to climate change and rising sea levels. We just don't know when.

San Blas
Former island is now just a sand bank in San Blas

Sea level rise is a complex and ongoing issue that is affected by multiple factors such as ocean currents and wind patterns. The local geography of the San Blas islands and the labyrinth of islands is a unique characteristic that will also condition any abrupt sea level disruptioin.

Preservation of the San Blas Islands will require the cooperation of local, national and international organizations and communities. The effects of climate change are complex and multifaceted, and more research is needed to fully understand the potential impacts on the San Blas islands.

The Kuna people who live in the San Blas Islands are aware of the potential threat of sea level rise and are taking steps to adapt to the changing environment. They are working to protect their land and resources, and promoting sustainable tourism and development in the islands.

San Blas
Fragility of the tiny islands is evident

The San Blas islands are not only a group of islands, but also a comarca (indigenous territory) of Panama, which legally belongs to the Kuna people. They have the power of self-government and self-determination, and have shown to be capable of preserving their culture, land and resources.

As we contemplate the potential impact of rising oceans on the San Blas Islands, it's evident that preserving these natural wonders is crucial. However, amidst the concerns, there's also hope. It's important to take steps to mitigate the effects of climate change. By choosing sustainable practices and supporting eco-conscious initiatives, we can contribute to the protection of these beautiful islands, their unique culture and environment for future generations.


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