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Top 10 Places To Snorkel In The Caribbean, San Blas: Snorkeling Holidays

San Blas offers the best snorkeling in the caribbean, much better than the Pacific side of Panama where murky water is an issue most of the times, here in San Blas, visibility is above 60 feet and even more during the summer months where the wind is not blowing, from May to November.

Come snorkel in San Blas, Panama for your caribbean vacations, in no time at all, you will be immersed in the colorful world under the calm Caribbean waters. See how many species of fish, coral and marine wildlife you can find. Ask the crew about what you saw.

Our little friend is everywhere in San Blas: thr trunkfish

Ask the captain where the best spots for snorkel are and he will guide you and might even join you, Come back aboard to our catamaran after your snorkel session and rinse off the salt water with our fresh water rinse.

Visit our itineraries in San Blas for more info.

Lay out on the sun deck, cool off in the shade or simply go downstairs for a quick nap while we sail to the next reef. Feel the breeze ruffle your hair, watch for dolphins playing in the ship's wake. Anything is possible in San Blas!

San Blas is definitely one of the best places in the world to snorkel, contact us for your all inclusive snorkeling vacation in Paradise

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